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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024

Cartesian will be attending CES 2024. Join us!

Getting to Grips with One Touch Switching

The new Gaining Provider Led switching process in the UK took a major step forward recently. With the publishing of the proposed retail processes and the technical interface to the

Total Telecom Congress 2021

Cartesian will be moderating two panels on Day 1 and one panel on Day 2 at this year's Congress which focuses on the evolution of the telco industry and cutting-edge

The Impact of COVID-19 on VPN Usage and Streaming Habits

While most industries faced financial difficulties due to COVID-19, Internet streaming platforms have seen record subscriber growth. However, demand for online video content has also led to greater VPN usage.

NCTA – New Study Examines Internet Traffic Patterns and Bandwidth Requirements

NCTA - July 15, 2021 - A new report by Cartesian, a consulting group with expertise in telecommunications, shines some light on how traffic flows over the network, how much

US Broadband: Household Bandwidth Demand Study

A look at the changing landscape of household internet usage in the United States.

What Drives Churn in an FTTP World?

FTTP and gigabit cable will soon be the primary access options for most households in industrialized countries. What drives churn when speed is no longer a bottleneck and service incidents

Cartesian opens new Wi-Fi test house in UK

The latest Wi-Fi test house offers increased testing configurations and enhanced real-world scenarios

Product Agility and Innovation: Supporting B2B Product Transformation for CSPs

In this first of the Product Insights series, we’ve taken our learnings from engagements with some of the leading CSP brands across the globe to create new ways of tackling

Is It Too Late to End Video Streaming Credential Sharing?

Sharing account credentials for video streaming services has become the norm for many people today. How did password sharing become socially acceptable, what does this mean for video providers’ business

The Threat of Credential Sharing & Theft

This guide includes findings from a recent survey on the motivations behind password sharing, the cost of credential sharing to your business, and the actions you can take to stop

Better Together: Big Data and Custom Market Research

The last decade has seen an incredible ascent of big data analytics to drive business decisions. However, when big data analytics is combined with custom market research, the insights that

Sigma DRM by Thu Do Multimedia completes Cartesian’s Farncombe Security Audit®

Via Thu Do Multimedia – 13 March 2020 – Thu Do Multimedia – The provider of OTT/IPTV solution and content copyright protection (DRM), officially announces its Sigma DRM solution has

CryptoGuard Advanced Security CAS completes Cartesian’s Farncombe Security Audit

Via CryptoGuard – 25 November 2019 – CrytoGuard, a global provider of CAS/DRM Content protection and IPTV/OTT solutions, announces that its Advanced Security CAS has successfully completed a rigorous review

MVNOs World Congress 2019

Join us at MVNOs World Congress where Michael Dargue will lead a panel discussing disruptive MVNO business models.

How Consumers Watch Streaming Video for Free

Sharing passwords for streaming video subscriptions isn’t a new issue, but how common is it? We recently conducted a survey to see how today’s consumers access streaming video content and

Using Data Science to Change Subscriber Strategies and Enhance Customer Experience

For many service providers, the way to prevent illegitimate account sharing and fraud is to employ highly restrictive access barriers. However, these tactics may prove impractical, worsen the customer experience,

How Telecom Companies Can Select Network Analytics Use Cases

Having established the possibilities of using network data and artificial intelligence in Part 1 of our series on network analytics, in Part 2, we define a framework that telecom companies

Taming the Wild West of Wi-Fi: The Home Frontier

With consumers increasingly looking to outside support to solve their home connection issues, internet service providers are well-positioned to take the lead on Wi-Fi. The consumer home, however, is a

MVNOs Europe

How are MVNOs offsetting the impact of the EU’s “Roam Like At Home” regulation? Hear from operators during the panel discussion with Michael Dargue.

Unlocking the Power of Network Data through Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Much of what consumers experience of artificial intelligence (AI) has been focused on front-end customer use cases. But AI has the potential for so much more. This first of a

Viaccess-Orca – Viaccess-Orca Connected Sentinel DRM Solution Completes Cartesian’s Farncombe Security Audit™

Via Viaccess-Orca – 28 Jun 2018 –  Viaccess-Orca (VO), a global leader providing OTT and TV platforms, content protection, and advanced data solutions, announced today that its Connected SentinelDRM solution has

Friend MTS – AsiD watermarking completes rigorous robustness tests performed by Cartesian

Via Friend MTS – 20 Jun 2018 – Friend MTS, the content and revenue protection specialist, today announced that its ASiD subscriber watermarking has completed rigorous robustness tests that were

AltiCast – Alticast’s security platform completes Cartesian’s rigorous Farncombe Security Audit

Via Alticast – 30 May 2018 – Alticast has announced that its security platform, AltiProtect™ CAS and DRM, has successfully completed a third-party security review process after undergoing a rigorous audit

MVNOs World Congress 2018

Michael Dargue discusses the effects of changing regulations on MVNOs at MVNOs World Congress 2018.

Streaming Video Credential Sharing: How Service Providers Can Identify and Stop Unwanted Password Sharing

Up until now, consumers have shared their account passwords to streaming video services with little or no impunity. That era may soon be over, with Pay TV and OTT markets

ContentArmor – ContentArmor is the First Watermark Vendor to Complete Cartesian’s Robustness Tests

Via ContentArmor – 9 Jan 2018 – ContentArmor is announcing that its video watermarking solution is the first one to complete Cartesian’s robustness evaluation. Cartesian’s thorough set of robustness tests

Service Provider Data Quality in Business Connectivity Market Reviews

Network inventory and CRM systems should be an excellent source of information for regulatory authorities in a review of the business connectivity market. However, in practice, service provider data quality

Conax – Conax Core Access, a cardless client, completes rigorous Farncombe Security Audit

Conax – 13 Sep 2017 – Conax, part of the Kudelski Group and a leader in total content and service protection for digital entertainment services, today announced Conax Core Access

Mobile Europe – Safe as houses? The role of Wi-Fi at home

Via Mobile Europe Wi-Fi Insight Report – Q3 2017 – For the consumer, home Wi-Fi is anything but simple. But therein lies an opportunity for operators, reports Sue Tabbitt.

Monitoring and Mitigating Early-Life Churn

Early-life churn often accounts for ten to fifteen percent of all customer losses – we look at the reasons why customers leave and how service providers can address the underlying

Product Development Strategy: Internal Process Improvement

How business self-reflection aids in aligning long-term strategic priorities with continual business development for product-driven businesses.

GeoGuard – Cartesian’s testing demonstrates the effectiveness of the GeoGuard solution at detecting the use of VPNs and DNS proxies

GeoGuard – 21 Jun 2017 – Today, GeoGuard announced that the effectiveness of its enhanced geo-filtering solution GeoShield has been rigorously tested by Cartesian, the recognized leader for premium movie and sports

5G New Radio – Emerging Spectrum Bands

The next generation of wireless communications is on the horizon, and the telecoms world is waiting to see exactly at which frequencies 5G will be implemented. Despite some unknowns and

Cartesian, in collaboration with Mobile World Live, releases “The Future of Mobile Video” survey report

Cartesian releases “The Future of Mobile Video” survey report. The study was conducted in collaboration with Mobile World Live, GSMA’s online communications hub for the global mobile industry. The study

Cartesian Introduces the Farncombe Security Audit™ Mark for Digital Media Content Systems

Overland Park, KS – September 1, 2016 – Cartesian® (NASDAQ: CRTN), a specialist provider of consulting services and managed solutions to the telecoms, digital media and technology sector, has introduced

Why Over-the-Top Video Providers Aren’t Concerned with Churn – and Why They Should Be

Over-the-top (“OTT”) video providers today downplay the fact that their customers churn at far higher rates than traditional service providers. While OTT video has some important differences from traditional Pay-TV,

Retaining Customers through SDH Network Platform Transition

While carriers would prefer to deploy scarce resources in support of fast-growing Ethernet-based services, they find that tackling the challenge of SDH/SONET obsolescence and transitioning to new platforms is riddled

Customer Migration in Switch Decommissioning Projects

This article delves into approaches to TDM switch migration including the customer pre-migration activations in decommissioning projects.

MVNE Strategies in a Crowded Market

The MVNE market is crowded. Many firms – from large-scale vendors and system integrators to specialist and niche players – have entered the market to serve the needs of MNOs