Content Security

Our content security services help you achieve and maintain a secure environment for content distribution. We work with studios, broadcasters, service providers, technology and security vendors worldwide. Clients seek us when they need:

• A trusted independent third party for a risk assessment audit
• Security experts to formulate content security governance processes
• Data analysts and developers to administer and build security defenses, including geo-blocking, geo-filtering, and anti-piracy solutions

With over 25 years of experience assessing and delivering solutions for the media and entertainment sector, we offer a holistic approach to content security.

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Content Security Services

Our content security services support business worldwide seeking to establish a secure environment for content distribution. We have built our content security expertise through over 25 years of work with leading broadcasters around the world and the Hollywood studios. From training to implementation, review and audit, to monitoring of systems and services, we offer a complete solution for content owners, Pay TV operators and security technology providers.

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Cartesian Content Security Audits

Securely delivering a video product requires meeting strict industry standards and an understanding of complex technological operations from the headend to the video screen. Cartesian has spent the last three decades developing a broad set of skills and honing our understanding of the entire video value chain.

Our security audits adhere to industry guidelines and were developed through consultations with key stakeholders in the video distribution chain. Cartesian is one of the few companies that offer audits that meet industry standards and our Farncombe Security Audit® is well-recognized by the industry.

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Digital watermarking video content has recently become part of best practices for content security because of its role in deterring and prosecuting piracy. Developed through industry stakeholder consultations, our Farncombe Security Audit® Watermark is specifically designed to assess watermark technology.

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