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Content Security

Each year, digital piracy costs the TV and movie industry billions of dollars in lost revenue. So it’s not surprising that content producers and distributors take content security very seriously. Each partner must ensure their technology and operations are world-class to maintain trust and avoid becoming the weakest link.

Protecting video content from piracy

Our content security services support businesses that are seeking to establish a secure environment for content distribution. We engage and collaborate with leading broadcasters, Hollywood Studios, and industry associations to promote and apply the highest standards and best practices.

Trusted and recommended by the major Hollywood studios, Cartesian is one of a select few companies worldwide that offer an auditing service that meets their rigorous standards, including the MovieLabs Enhanced Content Protection specification for Ultra HD and 4K content. Our Farncombe Security Audit® provides confidence in the overall security of digital media content systems through an in-depth, independent review.

Working with industry, Cartesian has also developed the Farncombe Security Audit® Watermark to assess watermark technology. Digital watermarking of video content is now considered a best practice for content security because of its role in deterring and prosecuting piracy.

Alongside these services, we offer training, implementation, and monitoring to protect from piracy in all its forms.

How we help

From training to implementation, review to audit, and monitoring of systems and services, we offer a complete solution for content owners, Pay TV operators, and security technology providers.

Examples of our work

  • Conducted an audit for a digital rights management (DRM) vendor for premium content distribution so that the client could show compliance with security obligations
  • Provided security-as-a-service for a telecommunications provider who was launching a new Pay TV platform and lacked the in-house security knowledge and skills for governance policies and processes
  • Investigated suspected illegal streaming issues for a service operator and created a targeted and cost-effective anti-piracy strategy
  • Produced a security requirements process that our client, a premium content supplier, which enabled them to easily manage compliance across its multiple distributors

Cartesian Security Audits

Our security audits adhere to industry guidelines and were developed through consultations with key stakeholders in the video distribution chain. Learn more about these services in the links below.

Why Cartesian?

  • Trusted to deliver high-quality, independent, expert advice
  • Experts in security and end-to-end video platforms
  • In-house security, data analytics, and engineering skills
  • Flexible approach, tailored precisely to your needs