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Network Economics

Now, more than ever before, network operators need to ensure that they are making smart investments in infrastructure to maximize returns. In the face of technology disruption, increased competition, and changing customer needs, operators need to be confident that their decision-making is backed up by the best available insight.

A data-driven approach to network strategy

On the face of it, decision making should be easier nowadays, given the amount of data that organizations have at their disposal. However, we often find that the opposite is true: the volume of data can be unwieldy, internal metrics only tell part of the story, and data quality can be lacking.

If this sounds familiar, then you are not alone. Cartesian has worked with hundreds of service providers to overcome these common challenges. We know where to find the data, what it really means, and how to use it.

Our familiarity with service provider datasets enables us to rapidly answer critical questions such as:

  • Where will fiber deployment generate the greatest returns?
  • At what point should we migrate our customers from legacy platforms?
  • How should I change my pricing or portfolio to improve yield?
  • What are the real costs of the services on the network? How many are loss-making?

By applying our telecoms knowledge, analytical expertise, and proven methodologies, we bring the best insight to support our clients’ decisions.

How we help

As experts in our field, we have been called upon by operators, investors, and regulatory agencies to tackle some of the most complex analysis in this domain. Our work has helped many clients achieve deeper insight into the costs of networks, leading to improved profitability and returns on capital. We also advise operators in fiber network planning.

Network Transformation Programs

Partnering with Operators to Accelerate Cost Savings

Cartesian offers a battle-tested methodology to help operators plan and implement a strategy designed to significantly reduce OPEX costs, i.e., lease and real estate costs, power reductions, staff costs, etc., by consolidating and/or removing legacy switches (5ESS, DMS, GTDS) from their network. This has resulted in savings of 10’s of millions of dollars with ROI’s of less than 18 months . In addition to the significant cost savings, our process offers significant revenue uplift opportunities and a greater product portfolio all of which can support new revenue growth.

Examples of our work

  • Using our expertise in network design and geospatial modeling, we developed a detailed FTTH deployment plan that prioritized return on capital​
  • By analyzing a network operator’s financial accounts and cost drivers, we provided rich insight into the true costs of its products and services​
  • Using property location and broadband speed data, we built a detailed techno-economic network model to determine the cost of the UK Government’s broadband USO target​
  • For a national regulatory authority, we developed a bottom-up, long-run incremental cost model (BU-LRIC) of a national fiber network to inform wholesale access charge controls​
We offer world-class analytical capabilities, an in-depth understanding of telecoms business models and technology, and our proprietary knowledge base of network costs, market insights, and more.


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