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Analytics & Data Science

Action-oriented insights for business leaders and operational teams

Service providers are fortunate to have some of the richest data sets of any industry. Every day, their networks and systems generate vast amounts of data: sales, customer behavior, network performance, and more. Within this data are a wealth of insights for decision-making and operational improvement. The challenge is extracting the right information and translating it into meaningful insight.

Cartesian works with business leaders and operational teams to deliver action-oriented insights that improve KPIs in Sales & Marketing, Customer Experience, Network Operations, and Finance. We also help clients to build their own analytics capability, whether that’s developing the initial strategy, selecting new technology, or implementing better data governance.

Why Cartesian?

We focus on business outcomes and the best way to achieve our clients’ goals. We’re not here to push overcomplicated solutions; if there’s a simpler option that will get you to where you want to be, we’ll say so.

We’ve worked with hundreds of service providers and have learned what works in practice. We know where you’re likely to get the greatest benefit, and how best to go about it… saving you time and effort.

Project example: By applying advanced statistical techniques, we support the world’s largest PayTV providers to identify accounts that may have been hacked or widely shared so that they can make timely decisions and take action.

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