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Analytics & Data Science

Service providers are fortunate to have some of the richest data sets of any industry. Every day, their networks and systems generate vast amounts of data: sales, customer behavior, network performance, and more. Within this data are a wealth of insights for decision-making and operational improvement. The challenge is extracting the right information and translating it into meaningful insight.

Action-oriented insights for business leaders and operational teams

Everyone does analytics, right? What does Cartesian offer that could possibly be different?

First and foremost, our approach is action-oriented. We focus on business outcomes and the best way to achieve our clients’ goals. We’re not here to push overcomplicated solutions; if there’s a simpler option that will get you to where you want to be, we’ll say so.

Secondly, working exclusively in the telecoms and digital media sector, we have a level of understanding that marks us out from our peers. We have worked with service provider datasets for many years – we know where to find the data, what it really means, and how to use it.

This vital context enables us to ask the right questions and get to the answers faster. Many of our team have previously worked in the industry, so there’s none of the learning curve you may find elsewhere.

Aside from this, we have all the expertise you would get from a generalist analytics firm:

  • Our team are skilled in data extraction, cleaning, and wrangling
  • We use robust statistical methods and algorithms
  • We have a reputation for great visualization – in dashboards, maps, and slides
  • Clients praise our ability to communicate results to business leaders

And last, but by no means least, we have our own secure infrastructure and data handling procedures for client confidential data and PII.

We’ve worked with hundreds of service providers and have learned what works in practice. We know where you’re likely to get the greatest benefit, and how best to go about it... saving you time and effort.

How we help

Cartesian works with business leaders and operational teams to deliver action-oriented insights that improve KPIs in Sales & Marketing, Customer Experience, Network Operations, and Finance.

We also help clients to build their own analytics capability, whether that’s developing the initial strategy, selecting new technology, or implementing better data governance.

Examples of our work

  • Using statistical analysis, market knowledge, and online dashboards, we support a Tier 1 service provider to manage and improve the performance of its channel partners
  • By applying advanced statistical techniques, we support some of the world’s largest PayTV providers to identify accounts that may have been hacked or widely shared
  • Combining graph theory, geospatial data, and our knowledge of telecoms networks, we have planned fiber broadband rollouts for network operators and investors
  • Working with business leaders in a leading European operator, we implemented a framework to radically improve data governance throughout the firm

Why Cartesian?

  • Industry specialists with a detailed understanding of the data and systems powering telecoms and digital media firms
  • Proven methodologies for delivering robust analysis and action-oriented insight
  • Experienced team of data analysts, statisticians, and application developers
  • Technical capability to build and implement high-quality production systems