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Technical Services

Delivering outstanding Quality of Experience

In a world where gigabit broadband and 4K TV are increasingly common, customer expectations on service quality have also intensified. Service providers must keep pace with rising expectations to avoid customer dissatisfaction and churn. Achieving this goal requires detailed insight into network performance, especially within the customer’s home.

Cartesian works with telecom and video service providers to assure network performance and quality of experience. We support the full product lifecycle, from vendor selection and procurement through to in-life testing and analytics.

Our technical services portfolio includes:

  • Wi-Fi performance testing
  • Network performance testing
  • Video Quality of Experience analysis
  • Instrumentation and analytics for deployed devices
  • CPE and STB device evaluation and type approval

By delivering the best quality experience, our clients reduce support calls, increase customer loyalty and reduce churn.

Why Cartesian?

Expertise in telecoms networks and end-to-end video platforms.

Our expert team has been testing telecom and video platform equipment for decades. We know how to test equipment, which metrics matter, and what service providers can do to improve their QoE.

Project examples:

  • For a Pay TV provider, we delivered improvements in customer experience by analyzing live telemetry data to identify and solve performance issues.
  • To assure the customer experience on a new Out-of-Home Wi-Fi service, we field-tested the hotspot performance in preparation for the launch.

Our clients rely on us to support the delivery of a best-quality experience by helping them select the best technology and optimize network performance.

Project example: We developed a Wi-Fi Performance Certification process for a leading residential service provider so it can evaluate customer routers and STBs.

Our test facilities include dedicated test houses that our team uses to recreate the home environment and evaluate CPE and STB in real-world conditions.

Project example: To help a major ISP select its supplier, we compared the Wi-Fi performance of CPE from different vendors using empirical testing at our dedicated test house.

Wi-Fi Testing & Consulting Services

We help service providers and vendors to deliver excellent Wi-Fi experience through independent performance testing, advisory, and training services.

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