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Wi-Fi Performance Certification Testing for a Major European Operator

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

A Tier 1 European operator found that improving the performance of its Wi-Fi CPE across Europe would lead to improved customer satisfaction, and thereby, reduce costs relating to customer complaints and servicing. To help with finding the right new product, the operator wanted a better way to compare rival CPE. Our client needed our help to create a Wi-Fi performance certification process for its vendors that would ensure the high quality standards of future Wi-Fi CPE.

What we did:

  • We documented the best practices and certification processes used to test Wi-Fi CPE performance from around the world.
  • We used these processes alongside our long-standing Wi-Fi Performance Test Service as the basis of creating a performance certification standard.
  • Working closely our client to ensure that process met product strategy and business objectives, we jointly developed their Wi-Fi Performance Certification process suitable for proving the Wi-Fi performance of their vendors’ gateway and STB products.

Client gains:

Our client’s new Wi-Fi Performance Certification process has helped ensure higher quality Wi-Fi CPE which has resulted in lower customer service calls and the related costs. The operator can also now send their vendors to have their Wi-Fi CPE undergo a mandatory set of standard tests that is independent and impartial. The resulting Wi-Fi performance figures can be readily compared to aid the operator’s vendor selection decisions.

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