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Products & Customer Experience

Consumer expectations for digital services are higher than ever before.

To succeed, products need to deliver a compelling experience, transforming customers into advocates of your brand.

Delight customers and deliver revenue growth

Service providers are under enormous pressure to improve their products, services, and customer experience. Transformation of networks, systems and the organization is now viewed as essential to increase agility and address legacy costs. Standing still is not an option.

It’s only by continually challenging the status quo that service providers will shake off inefficiencies and escape the legacy networks and systems that are holding margins back. However, as we all know, this is easier said than done.

To remain relevant, service providers must urgently assess:

  • How can I leverage network instrumentation and analytics to continuously improve customer experience?
  • Where are my customer’s requirements heading?
  • How can I retire legacy platforms faster, without causing customers disruption?
  • How do I redesign my operations to deliver a step-change in customer experience and cost?

Cartesian has experience across the product strategy and development cycle, including requirements definition, product development, in-life optimization, portfolio rationalization, and product retirement.

How we help

Cartesian has worked with leading firms to help plan, launch and optimize their products and services. We can help you throughout the product lifecycle in market assessment, developing go-to-market strategies, evaluating product profitability and rationalizing product portfolios. If you need support in getting a product launched (or managed to end-of-life) our consultants have the industry experience and expertise to get you there faster.

Cartesian offers a no-nonsense approach to delivery that is built upon years of experience in the communications industry. We support throughout the product lifecycle from developing a product roadmap to retiring legacy products and migrating customers to new offers. Our consultants have the industry experience and expertise to accelerate time-to-market, increase agility, and drive product profitability.


Analytics & Data Science

Action-oriented insight for business leaders and operational teams

Strategy Consulting

Business and technology advisory services

Management Consulting

Delivery of business, network, and IT transformation

Technical Services

Video platform, Wi-Fi, and network design and performance testing

Technology Solutions

Managed services to automate business processes

Content Security

Solutions to protect video content from piracy