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Category: Technical Services

Comparative Multi-Node Wi-Fi Solution Testing for a Major European Operator

A major European operator needed to select a new multi-node Wi-Fi product for the consumer household market. Here is how the company was able to decide which vendor offered the best solution.

Out-of-Home Wi-Fi Service Performance Validation for a Major European Operator

A European operator was about to launch an Out-of-Home Wi-Fi service to their customers via hotspots at airports, pubs, and telephone boxes around the country. The Wi-Fi hotspots were provided and maintained by a third-party company. The operator wanted to ensure that the hotspots could deliver their specified standard of service.

Wi-Fi Training for a Scandinavian Operator’s Customer Service Representatives

A Scandinavian operator recognized that a good knowledge of Wi-Fi has become vital in delivering customer service. They sought our help to educate their call centre staff and service technicians on Wi-Fi so that they can provide better service to customers.

Wi-Fi Performance Certification Testing for a Major European Operator

A Tier 1 European operator needed our help to create a Wi-Fi performance certification process for its vendors that would ensure high quality standards of future Wi-Fi CPE.

Verification of Next Generation Product for a European Cable Operator

A European cable operator was preparing to launch their second generation set-top box (STB) and needed to test its level of performance. The test included checking the second generation CPE against the first generation product to ensure no regression in performance.

Vendor Selection & CPE Performance Testing for a UK Operator

An operator needed to decide between two vendors to produce a new router. To help with this decision, the operator wanted an independent evaluation of the CPE (Customer-Premises Equipment) performance.

Quality Assurance Testing for a New Internet Platform

With our specialist support in the strategy, planning, and implementation, a North American carrier successfully rolled out faster speed internet on their legacy copper and Ethernet-based fiber networks.