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Category: Technical Services

Comparative Multi-Node Wi-Fi Solution Testing for a Major European Operator

A major European operator needed to select a new multi-node Wi-Fi product for the consumer household market. Here is how the company was able to decide which vendor offered the

Out-of-Home Wi-Fi Service Performance Validation for a Major European Operator

A European operator was about to launch an Out-of-Home Wi-Fi service to their customers via hotspots at airports, pubs, and telephone boxes around the country. The Wi-Fi hotspots were provided

Wi-Fi Training for a Scandinavian Operator’s Customer Service Representatives

A Scandinavian operator recognized that a good knowledge of Wi-Fi has become vital in delivering customer service. They sought our help to educate their call centre staff and service technicians

Wi-Fi Performance Certification Testing for a Major European Operator

A Tier 1 European operator needed our help to create a Wi-Fi performance certification process for its vendors that would ensure high quality standards of future Wi-Fi CPE.

Verification of Next Generation Product for a European Cable Operator

A European cable operator was preparing to launch their second generation set-top box (STB) and needed to test its level of performance. The test included checking the second generation CPE against

Vendor Selection & CPE Performance Testing for a UK Operator

An operator needed to decide between two vendors to produce a new router. To help with this decision, the operator wanted an independent evaluation of the CPE (Customer-Premises Equipment) performance.

Quality Assurance Testing for a New Internet Platform

With our specialist support in the strategy, planning, and implementation, a North American carrier successfully rolled out faster speed internet on their legacy copper and Ethernet-based fiber networks.