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Quality Assurance Testing for a New Internet Platform

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

Over the last ten years, our North America carrier client has faced increased competition from regional providers moving into the small business space with bundled offers that include ever higher internet access speeds over Ethernet-based connections.  To respond to fast-evolving market conditions and remain competitive, our client developed a comprehensive platform to provide the fastest internet access speeds on the lowest cost network to their customers, reaping investment on Ethernet gateway, IP traffic aggregation, and fiber network build-out initiatives as well as maximizing existing copper infrastructure.

How we approached the issue:

Representing our product marketing client, Cartesian planned and executed user acceptance and operational readiness testing of successive software releases over a 3-year period to validate that the diversity of network facilities, service delivery, and service assurance platforms necessary to offer, deliver, and maintain the broad range of high-speed services are in-place and functional.  Cartesian utilized deep subject matter expertise in software quality assurance best practices and in the client’s business and operational support systems to ensure the quality of the end-to-end solution.

What we did to help:

Cartesian developed the strategy, planned and executed rigorous testing to prove the client’s system capabilities as well as assist with user training in the following areas:

  • Determine availability of high-speed internet service at the customer address
  • Contract, order, provision, and bill for circuits and customer premise equipment through a new service delivery flow that merges new target architecture sales and contracting tools with the existing enterprise business ordering stream, and fiber network provisioning systems
  • Notify and dispatch field technicians for installation
  • Automatically capture Ethernet gateway and IP aggregation network element alarms and create trouble tickets

The end result:

Faster speeds are now widely available on legacy copper and Ethernet-based fiber to the node facilities. Fiber to the building facilities were also on target for customer trials in several regional markets later that year.  Our expertise contributed to the resiliency of the many platforms delivering high-speed internet access to customers.  We provided the client with hundreds of software, operational, and process recommendations for improvement.  Orders flow through the ordering and provisioning stream faster with fewer errors, ultimately putting customers in service faster, and our client realizing revenue sooner.

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