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Verification of Next Generation Product for a European Cable Operator

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

A European cable operator was preparing to launch their second generation set-top box (STB) and needed to test its level of performance. The test included checking the second generation CPE against the first generation product to ensure no regression in performance.

What we did:

  • Previously, we had conducted our full Wi-Fi Performance Test Service to verify the performance of the operator’s first generation Single Band, 802.11n STB.
  • When the operator returned to us with their second generation product, their Concurrent Dual Band, 802.11ac STB, we performed our full Wi-Fi Performance Test Service and included comparative empirical performance tests with the first generation product.

Client gains:

Prior to the launch of their second generation STB, the operator received detailed Wi-Fi performance data for their new product which they were able to discuss with their vendor. The results gave the operator the confidence to launch the new CPE with the assurance that customers upgrading to the second generation product would not experience any Wi-Fi performance regression.

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