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Vendor Selection & CPE Performance Testing for a UK Operator

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

An operator needed to decide between two vendors to produce a new router. To help with this decision, the operator wanted an independent evaluation of the CPE (Customer-Premises Equipment) performance.

What we did:

  • We performed our full Wi-Fi Performance Test Service on early development samples of the operator’s new Wi-Fi gateway, using one CPE from each of the two vendors.
  • Our final test reports gave detailed Wi-Fi performance information for the two CPE.
  • Once the new Wi-Fi gateway was launched, we performed an extensive comparative empirical Wi-Fi performance test on the new CPE against its major UK competitor CPE.

Client gains:

Mid-way through their CPE development process, the operator received detailed Wi-Fi performance data for their two rival candidate gateway CPE. The results aided the operator’s vendor selection process and provided a timely opportunity to review and improve the performance of the successful vendor’s CPE. The results of our independent Wi-Fi comparative performance test were used to support the operator’s product marketing efforts.

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