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Out-of-Home Wi-Fi Service Performance Validation for a Major European Operator

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

A European operator was about to launch an Out-of-Home Wi-Fi service to their customers via hotspots at airports, pubs, and telephone boxes around the country. The Wi-Fi hotspots were provided and maintained by a third party company. The operator wanted to ensure that the hotspots could deliver their specified standard of service.

What we did:

We conducted our Out-of-Home Wi-Fi Testing Service using hand-held smartphones to check webpage loading performance and other Wi-Fi performance tests in the hotspots.

We presented the hotspot performance data in a geographical format, showing the performance achieved against key performance metrics agreed to by the operator.

Client gains:

The operator gained a greater understanding of the Wi-Fi performance their customers would experience at a selection of their hotspots. The operator also had a way of verifying whether their hotspot provider was meeting their contractual quality of service obligations.

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