Cartesian Wi-Fi Services

Wi-Fi Performance Testing and Consulting Services

Wi-Fi performance is now one of the most important ingredients of broadband customer experience. Great Wi-Fi allows customers to connect all their devices around the house to make full use of their broadband. However, when Wi-Fi performance falls short, customer satisfaction drops, support costs rise, and ultimately subscribers go elsewhere.

We help service providers and vendors to deliver excellent Wi-Fi experience through independent performance testing, advisory, and training services.

Wi-Fi Solution Support

The increasing demand for connected devices and the emergence of the ‘Smart Connected Home’ and the ‘Internet of Things’ drive the need for ubiquitous network connections. From single device routers, to multi-node and mesh Wi-Fi solutions, reliable Homespots and public Hotspots are not only in demand but expected by customers. Wi-Fi connectivity is becoming more complex in increasingly technology-noisy environments.

With industry-leading tools, interference-free test bases, and experienced Wi-Fi and communications experts, we offer independent third-party testing, advisory services and training that support your business decisions. We can:

  • Measure performance of Wi-Fi gateways, equipment, and overall solutions
  • Validate hardware against Wi-Fi performance claims
  • Develop Wi-Fi performance standards for your business objectives

Cartesian’s Wi-Fi performance testing, consulting, and education services cover the product lifecycle. Our work is used to assist with product development and verification, vendor selection, product marketing, service strategy and more. Examples of the types of work we do:

  • Hardware performance testing
  • Empirical performance testing
  • Product design specification and strategy
  • Product operations in-life and support
  • Product delivery support and management

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Benefits of working with Cartesian

Receive unbiased product testing and insight

We can serve as the independent third-party for product verification and certification. We can also help you develop product requirements.

Gain access to industry-leading tools and facilities

Our partnership with the University of Bristol means access to cutting-edge facilities including an anechoic chamber and a Wi-Fi propagation simulator. We also operate two interference-free, multi-storey test houses and work with the latest devices in the market.

Work with an experienced team

With over five years of Wi-Fi technology testing and over twenty-five years of delivering communications networks and media services, we not only see the big picture, we catch issues others miss.

Get quick results and choose only the services that you need

Sometimes you need quick answers; other times, you need to see results over a period of time. We can tailor our services and test environments to fit your objectives and budget.

We work with communication service providers, equipment manufacturers and other stakeholders in Wi-Fi connectivity. Contact us to find out how we can help.

Client Challenge: Domestic Wi-Fi

Residential Wi-Fi is becoming more complex:

  • Customers are using ever more connected devices in their homes
  • The demand for broadband and Wi-Fi bandwidth is growing rapidly
  • Customers expect to be able to stream high-quality video anywhere in their homes
  • Multi-node Wi-Fi solutions (router + repeater(s), mesh networks) are growing in popularity
  • The next generation 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard is coming in 2019

Launching a poor performing Wi-Fi CPE may lead to:

  • Significant additional costs from call-centre calls and truck-rolls
  • “No Fault Found” returned devices
  • Bad press, reputational damage and possible loss of future business
  • Lost revenue from customer churn

How do you know that your Wi-Fi CPE will not perform to expectations? Can you afford the risk?

We help you:

Validate your CPE’s Wi-Fi antenna array hardware:

  • Supports hardware mass production decisions and prevents the launch of a poor performance device

Measure the Wi-Fi performance of your residential gateways and set-top boxes in different test scenarios:

  • Single client ‘clean’ throughput test
  • Comparative performance tests
  • Multi-client airtime fairness test
  • Co-channel and adjacent channel Wi-Fi congestion tests

Perform RF Interference and Automatic Channel Selection tests:

  • Band-steering test

Measure the overall effectiveness of Multi-Node Wi-Fi solutions using a four-stage test approach:

  • Onboarding: Evaluation of the customer’s onboarding experience, including set-up, instructional material and installation apps.
  • Baseline Empirical Performance: Comparing performance of conventional router against multi-node solution.
  • Roaming Behaviour: Roaming house with multiple client devices while streaming a simulated video stream; careful monitoring of throughput/connection drops and time to ‘hop’ between nodes.
  • Network Capacity: Determining overall home network capacity of multi-node solution, by increasing client devices and/or streaming quality.

Test the operation of Wi-Fi Hotspots and Homespots:

  • We have two test houses and proprietary roaming Wi-Fi performance test packs

Assist with the development of Wi-Fi CPE requirements throughout your product life-cycle:

  • Vendor selection
  • Assessment of prototype designs
  • Performance testing