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Out-of-Home Wi-Fi Performance Testing


Providing Out-of-Home Wi-Fi services is becoming more common for service providers.Enabling Wi-Fi in the public space can be part of your key strategic service offering. Out-of-Home WiFi services are delivered by a combination of Homespots (domestic Wi-Fi routers) and Hotspots (public routers).

We offer an Out-of-Home Wi-Fi Performance Testing Service that evaluates the performance of Homespots and Hotspots anywhere in the world.

Why Test Out-of-Home Wi-Fi Homespots and Hotspots?

The demand for Wi-Fi in the public space has grown quickly in recent years. As the access demand has grown, so too has the need for that Wi-Fi connection to do more; for example, not only should it be responsive and reliable, but it should also be fast and handle higher network traffic from uses such as video streaming.

If your company is providing or planning to provide local, national, or international Wi-Fi Hotspot service, have you considered:

  • How does your Wi-Fi service compare to your competitors’ offers?
  • How do you know that your Wi-Fi service is providing the connection you expected for your customers?
  • How do you check if your vendors’ products meet your Service Level Agreements?

Like our In-Home testing service, the results of our Out-of-Home Wi-Fi Performance Test Service helps to answer these questions and more.

Our Out-of-Home Wi-Fi Performance Testing service expands on our Wi-Fi CPE Performance Testing service. We conduct empirical tests and audit Homespots and Hotspots in-life.

With our tests, service providers get independent and impartial results completed by consultants who have an understanding of telecoms networks, media, and communications devices. With this holistic view, the results you get will help you make the best decisions to suit your overall business objectives.

Cartesian’s Out-of-Home Wi-Fi Performance Testing Service Components:

1) Empirical Performance Auditing

  • Fieldwork audit of Wi-Fi Hotspots in public locations
  • Example locations: airports, shopping centres, stadia, coffee shops, and public telephone boxes

2) Endpoint-to-Endpoint Data Transfer Test Method

  • Test between a local or cloud-based server and mobile client devices
  • Example devices: smartphones, laptops, tablets

3) Straightforward, Flexible, and Comprehensive Process

  • Options to test a variety of metrics – Eg. Downlink & uplink speed tests, time-to-access Internet, time-to-open standard webpages
  • Use of a variety of data streams – Eg. TCP, UDP, YouTube, Netflix
  • Testing of different customer devices and operating systems – Eg. Smartphones, tablets, iOS, Android

4) Flexible Reporting

  • Results reported in a selection of formats for decision-making needs
  • Examples: structured long-form report, slide presentation format

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With our knowledge of telecoms networks, spectrum, on-premise connectivity, and communications devices, combined with the acute understanding of business objectives, we provide expert Wi-Fi services to service providers.