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Using Analytics to Improve Indirect Channel Sales for a Global Operator

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

The VP of Sales Operations at a leading global operator wanted to find ways to leverage analytics to improve sales performance across indirect channels where it varied widely across partners. Indirect channels are an important route to market for many service providers, but without direct control and facing competition with other providers, managing performance can be challenging.

How we approached the issue:

Cartesian proposed a proof of concept analytics engagement to demonstrate our capabilities and value in extracting insights. Our client did not have the technological capabilities, expertise, or resources necessary to aggregate and analyze all relevant data sources. Our proof of concept showed we could quickly identify areas for improvement along with relevant trends. It was clear an ongoing solution could support growth in the channel.

What we did to help:

Cartesian aggregated data across multiple client systems and enriched the data set with our own data; thus, we had the broadest range of data available, covering sales, customer, product, demographic and competitive data. Cartesian deployed its managed analytics platform to enable daily ingestion, management and analysis of channel data. Through the platform and the dedicated analytics team, we provide on-going identification and prioritization of growth opportunities, as well as tracking and measurement of implemented strategies. We configured the platform for the client’s precise needs, with summary dashboards and visualizations to provide a comprehensive view of channel activity and trends.

The end result:

The team identified new growth opportunities including customer segment targeting and product marketing optimizations which were structured into actionable growth programs. Our managed analytics platform enables the client to measure the success of these programs, identify and prioritize new opportunities, and facilitates ongoing refinement and execution of channel growth strategies based on customer lifetime value drivers.

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