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Revenue Analytics for an International Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

Senior management at a leading MVNO wanted to investigate the potential of revenue analytics as a means to improve top-line revenues and reduce costs. Revenue analytics has proven to be a successful approach to improve customer lifetime value (CLV) whilst reducing unnecessary costs when implemented correctly, but incorporating that data can be a challenge to even the most resourceful organization.

How we approached the issue:

Cartesian executed a proof of value on product validity rules over an eight-week span to demonstrate the utility and value of a revenue analytics service. Over the course of the analysis we identified key improvement areas including revenue leakage, lost opportunities, and inefficient costs which added up to a total annualized value of more than $750,000. It became clear that the value of an analytics solution to the business would far outweigh the costs.

What we did to help:

We used our Ascertain® platform to build a tailored solution that provides the client with a near real-time view of their business. Key metrics and trends are presented on dashboards that allow drill-down all the way to individual records by product or customer account. Ascertain integrates with the client’s existing systems to regularly refresh the data. Totals can be tabulated by day/week/month and geography. The client users are able to monitor and issues as they are raised and take appropriate action immediately.

The end result:

At the end of the initial engagement, the customer was convinced of the added value of customer revenue analytics.  The proof of value provided business insights to support the strategic, business decision making of the senior management team. Impressed by the success of the platform, the customer signed a 3 year managed service agreement with Cartesian.

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