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Sales and Marketing

Getting Pricing Right

The perfect storm of runaway inflation, tightening household spending and the post pandemic hangover of slow growth into recession has Telcos taking careful steps at pricing strategies to counter it. As with any such programs that have a direct impact on profit lines, market share, customer loyalty and churn, the remedy can be worse than the disease, and so a very careful, customer-centric analysis is the order of the day.

The Importance of Maintaining an Up-to-Date MDU Database

Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) represent valuable pockets of concentrated opportunity for ISPs. The most successful ISPs recognize this, and have accurate and up-to-date data on the locations, sizes, and characteristics of both existing and under construction buildings so that they can be targeted with tailored sales and marketing tactics.

Using Analytics to Drive Indirect Sales

How to use data sources and performance metrics to track, benchmark, and improve effectiveness across and within indirect sales channels for CSPs.

3 Considerations to Drive Indirect Sales with Sales Analytics

Service providers invest substantial resources to attract new customer leads across a range of marketing channels. Yet too frequently, customers are lost for avoidable reasons. However, this can be mitigated with advanced sales analytics.

Win-Back Opportunity: 3 Steps for Success for the Enterprise Market

Enterprise, or business customer, churn can significantly impact a service provider’s business. Rather than trying to gain new customers to make up for this lost revenue, service providers can employ effective “Win-Back” programs to lure customers back to their business. Here are three steps to create an effective Win-Back strategy.

Take Sales Growth & ROI to the Next Level with Sales Analytics

Once you've harnessed your data and set up performance metrics, what can you do to take your analytics to the next level? In this article, we look at three examples of trends service providers can find in their advanced sales metrics that reveal ways to improve sales performance and quickly decide what to do next.

SD-WAN and the Need for a Targeted Sales Strategy

Since our last insight on SD-WAN strategy for telecom providers, many top-tier service providers have launched SD-WAN products and are positioning their offers in the marketplace to grow sales across business customers for new use cases and regions. In this insight, we describe how to focus sales efforts to identify potential early and high-value adopters of SD-WAN.

The Service Provider’s Guide to Analytics-Driven Sales Growth

This eBook shows how telecoms providers can use advanced sales & marketing analytics to maximize opportunities and build long-lasting customer relationships.