• The Threat of Credential Sharing & Theft

    Over half of credential sharers say they would be willing to pay for the video streaming service if their free access to it no longer worked. In this US, this is costing service providers an estimated $6.2B per year.

    Despite this, many providers are failing to convert these users into customers. One of the biggest worries for marketers is negatively affecting the experience of paying users.
    This guide includes findings from a recent survey on the motivations behind password sharing, the cost of credential sharing to your business, and the actions you can take to stop unwanted sharing while continuing to enhance user experience.

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  • Better Together: Big Data and Custom Market Research

    The last decade has seen an incredible ascent of big data analytics to drive business decisions. However, when big data analytics is combined with custom market research, the insights that you achieve are greater than either approach used separately. In this paper, learn how you can add power to your decision-making by combining the "what" of big data analytics with the "why" of custom market research.

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  • Future of Mobile Video: Challenges and Solutions

    “The Future of Mobile Video: Challenges and Solutions” was delivered at the DTG Summit in May 2017. This presentation is based on Cartesian’s “The Future of Mobile Video” survey report released in collaboration with Mobile World Live earlier in the year.

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  • MVNO Performance: Evolution, Business Models, and Optimization

    In this presentation, you will get our insights gathered from more than 50 MVNO projects delivered across the world over the last two decades and business advice from our leading strategists.

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  • Planning for Network Transformation – Best Practices for Success

    All communications infrastructure has a life span, and restructuring and migrating networks are activities that need to be done. “Network transformation” - includes changes such as decommissioning and customer migration. It is a complex process that has many phases and requires participation and support by most departments in the network operator. It is an exacting, time-consuming and expensive undertaking.

    No matter the amount of effort, nor the pains and gains along the way, the transformation gets done. But what are the true measures of success of a network transformation?

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