Better Together: Big Data and Custom Market Research

The last decade has seen an incredible ascent of big data analytics to drive business decisions. By combining the vast amount of data that a digital economy releases, with ever-cheaper computing power and easy to use, inexpensive, cloud-based analytics tools, we can now determine what your customers and prospects are doing in ways virtually impossible a decade ago.

While big data gives significant insight into what is going on with customers, custom market research is better at understanding what is driving these behaviors. Custom research allows a business to ask why customers are engaging in certain behavior, and how to get them to do more things that are desirable for the business.

When custom market research is combined with big data analytics, however, you can achieve greater insights than either approach used separately. By harnessing both in tandem, you can accelerate your go-to-market effectiveness and marry the “what” of big data analytics with the “why” of custom market research.