Planning for Network Transformation – Best Practices for Success

All communications infrastructure has a life span, and restructuring and migrating networks are activities that need to be done. “Network transformation” – includes changes such as decommissioning and customer migration. It is a complex process that has many phases and requires participation and support by most departments in the network operator. It is an exacting, time-consuming and expensive undertaking.

No matter the amount of effort, nor the pains and gains along the way, the transformation gets done. But what are the true measures of success of a network transformation? Explore best practices for planning for network transformation success with our guide.

With this guide, learn to overcome major obstacles in fixed and mobile network transformation:

  • Tackle internal barriers that hold up network transformation programs
  • Identify strategies to minimize customer disruption and churn
  • Reduce the time to migrate to your new infrastructure
  • Avoid hidden costs to maximize the return on investment

Client Case Study: Achieving Cost Savings Through Network Migration and Decommissioning

In the wake of a larger merger, a network operator was faced with several challenges including:

  • Inconsistencies with spectrum holdings, technologies & infrastructure
  • Customer disruption during the migration project
  • Lack of a complete view of their network inventory

See how the CTO implemented a program that addressed these challenges and saved hundreds of millions of dollars of annual cost savings.