Learn from MVNO experts on ways to optimize your business

In this presentation, you will get our insights gathered from more than 50 MVNO projects delivered across the world over the last two decades and business advice from our leading strategists.

MVNO Performance: Evolution, Business Models, and Optimization

With Cartesian’s workshop presentation, you will get over 70¬†information-rich slides that will help you:

  • Refresh your knowledge on the history, evolution, and current developments in the MVNO market
  • Review MVNO objectives and strategy, and the implications for the MVNO business model
  • Learn new ways to optimize your MVNO business including protecting and growing ARPU, reducing CCPU, minimizing acquisition costs, and extending CLV

“MVNO Performance: Evolution, Business Models, and Optimization” was first delivered during the MVNOs World Congress in April 2017. Download your free copy of the presentation.