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Vulnerability Assessments


Conducting vulnerability assessments is crucial for all streaming services to secure their content and user information from theft and piracy. Pirates have become increasingly proficient at finding and exposing weaknesses within platforms and its content chains.

Our assessments help determine the ease of accessing or sharing restricted content and identify security risks posed by attackers. These assessments are intended for:

  • Content owners, who want to confirm their content and license agreements are protected
  • Video service providers, who want to:
    • Improve the security of their platform
    • Ensure their platform is secure and will not be easily circumvented by attackers
    • Confirm they are not in breach of licensing agreements
    • Complete an independent and impartial third-party assessment to testify to their security

Our Approach

Our vulnerability assessments analyze the difficulty of accessing or sharing content from free or paid for subscription services and assess the security risks posed by potential attackers. We identify and evaluate flaws, ranging from host and service misconfiguration to insecure application design.

The assessment aims to pinpoint risk areas and evaluate their threat level and impact. The results are captured in a comprehensive report and presented in a clear manner for the service provider to understand and benefit from the findings and recommendations. The insights gained from our assessments have helped secure platforms, protect users from malicious hackers, and help our clients make informed decisions regarding their anti-piracy strategies.

With support and guidance from Cartesian, we will enable progress in the security program and provide a regimen of testing and security activities going forward. This assessment will:

  • Identify weaknesses in systems, devices, or web applications
  • Evaluate and analyse the platforms threats and scale of any issues found
  • Make meaningful recommendations that will improve security
  • Help content owners and service providers to create effective anti-piracy strategies

Why Cartesian?

Unbiased and independent assessment and analysis.
Fit-to-purpose method and scope, adapted to each specific testing case.
In-house tools and techniques to carry out tests.
Content Security and Video Technology expertise.

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