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Security Requirements Management for a Premium Content Supplier

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

A Pay TV premium content supplier wanted to simplify the complex process of managing security requirements across its multiple video distribution platforms. The content supplier also wanted to ensure the security requirements for both their own platform and their content licensees were documented. The supplier chose to work with Cartesian based on our broad set of skills and industry experience.

What we did:

  • We reviewed the client’s existing requirements and provided analysis on completeness to ensure distributors where obliged to deploy a secure platform end-to-end.
  • We created a set of consolidated content security requirements to use across the board for fixed and mobile devices across any network, encompassing all the key requirements applicable to premium sports and movies offered by the supplier.

Client gains:

Our client received an updated and comprehensive set of security requirements which our client can use across its multiple distributors. These requirements are linked to a database which allows our client to easily manage compliancy for direct distribution to its consumers and indirect distribution through third parties.

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