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Tag: Video and Broadcasting

Security Monitoring for a TV Platform Operator

A hybrid TV platform operator offering broadcast and on-demand content in their home market required a global approach to content security. The operator engaged Cartesian for a holistic approach to IT and content security.

Security Requirements Management for a Premium Content Supplier

A Pay TV premium content supplier wanted to simplify the complex process of managing security requirements across its multiple video distribution platforms. The content supplier also wanted to ensure the security requirements for both their own platform and their content licensees were documented. The supplier chose to work with Cartesian based on our broad set of skills and industry experience.

Security Consulting on Illegal Streaming for a Service Operator

A service operator experienced significant revenue losses related to its content offering and assumed the main culprit was content piracy. The operator engaged Cartesian to find out how content piracy was affecting the client’s business operations and to recommend a targeted and cost-effective anti-piracy strategy.

Security as a Service for a Telecommunications Provider

A telecommunications provider wished to launch and operate a new Pay TV platform. The service provider had limited resources and knowledge of content security, so they enlisted Cartesian using our Security as a Service engagement model, based on our broad set of security skills and industry experience.

Security Audit for a Digital Rights Management Vendor

A digital rights management vendor for premium content distribution required an independent security evaluation in order to meet Hollywood standards. The DRM vendor enlisted Cartesian as the trusted third party to conduct the security audit.

Digital Satellite Strategy for a Broadcaster

A broadcaster wanting to diversify its current portfolio of services was interested in evaluating the attractiveness of launching satellite services.

IPTV Platform Deployment for a Telecommunications Operator

A telecommunications operator had made earlier attempts to develop an IPTV service but none of these had resulted in a successful launch.

TV Platform Strategy and Deployment for a Free-to-Air Broadcaster

A free-to-air broadcaster facing threats to its core business needed to understand how the TV platform environment would evolve over the next 10 years and how to respond to these changes.