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IPTV Platform Deployment for a Telecommunications Operator

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

A telecommunications operator had made earlier attempts to develop an IPTV service but none of these had resulted in a successful launch. The operator recognised that it needed external support to design, build and deploy an end-to-end IPTV platform.

How we approached the issue:

After failed attempts to launch an IPTV service, the Head of Strategic Programmes engaged Cartesian to create a TV proposition and support the platform launch. Understanding the cost impact of key service options as well as the options for offering OTT Catch-up and Multi-screen services was vital. This was achieved through segmentation analysis, qualitative and quantitative assessments and an evaluation of the synergies/implications for other related services.

What we did to help:

Cartesian supported the client decision making process with key service definition choices before moving to operational design and implementation. We managed the detailed product definition phase and requirements capture that led to the selection of key vendors for the end-to-end system for full business case evaluation. The implementation phase then included programme management, end-to-end architecture, operational readiness, content agreements, trials management and security management to enable a smooth and successful platform launch.

The end result:

Cartesian provided the TV-specific expertise required by the Head of Strategic Programmes so that TV could be added to the client’s portfolio of services. Following the approval of the business case, Cartesian was retained to support the successful launch of the TV service.

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