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Category: Management Consulting

Fiber Access Network Migration for a Tier 1 Carrier

A US Tier 1 carrier needed to migrate its customers to a fiber access network while decommissioning its legacy copper network. Cartesian planned, managed and executed a Proof of Concept

Reducing Delivery Costs for Voice and Data Services

A North American carrier achieved $4.83M annual labor savings and a fully automated wireline service delivery to enterprise business customers after Cartesian’s assessment and recommended actions.

IPTV Platform Deployment for a Telecommunications Operator

A telecommunications operator had made earlier attempts to develop an IPTV service but none of these had resulted in a successful launch.

TV Platform Strategy and Deployment for a Free-to-Air Broadcaster

A free-to-air broadcaster facing threats to its core business needed to understand how the TV platform environment would evolve over the next 10 years and how to respond to these

Redesigning Consumer Switching Processes for a Regulatory Agency

The UK communications regulatory authority, Ofcom, was concerned that the UK consumer processes for changing voice and broadband provider were not fit for purpose.

Achieving Cost Savings through Network Migration and Decommissioning

In the wake of a large merger, a network operator was faced with a mishmash of spectrum, technologies and infrastructure on a national scale. Cartesian provided network and operations expertise