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Achieving Cost Savings through Network Migration and Decommissioning

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

In the wake of a large merger, a network operator was faced with a mishmash of spectrum, technologies and infrastructure on a national scale. The CTO needed to deliver network cost savings, but the sheer scale of the network meant that progress had been slow. The combined operations were complex and not fully integrated.

How we approached the issue:

Working with our client, we identified that one of the key barriers to progress was the lack of a reliable, consistent and complete view of network inventory. Existing records were distributed across multiple systems and data quality was patchy. An up-to-date view of the network infrastructure would be critical to accurately identify savings opportunities and build a plan to achieve them.

What we did to help:

Cartesian provided network and operations expertise along with our analytics technology to rapidly build a plan for transformation. After an exhaustive process of data collection, cleansing and auditing, Cartesian constructed a comprehensive physical and logical network map which enabled the identification of redundancies and areas for rationalization. Cartesian then supported the client in planning and executing the network transformation program.

Using the map, we developed a plan to migrate customers and traffic away from legacy infrastructure. The plan governed all aspects of the program, from customer notification arrangements through to replacement agreements, and was designed to minimize disruption to our client’s customers and operations. With the migrations completed, network rationalization and asset decommissioning could then begin.

The end result:

The CTO’s program generated hundreds of millions of dollars of annual cost savings. Cartesian’s expertise and analytical tools ensured a faster, safer migration for our client and its customers. The program was an exceptional return on investment, and our client now has a clean and accurate view of its network assets.

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