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Redesigning Consumer Switching Processes for a Regulatory Agency

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

The UK communications regulatory authority, Ofcom, was concerned that the UK consumer processes for changing voice and broadband provider were not fit for purpose. The processes were viewed as cumbersome, a barrier to switching, and a contributing factor to service outages.

How we approached the issue:

Communications Providers (CPs) agreed that the existing processes could be improved upon. However, there were diverging views regarding what “better” looked like. Assessing the alternatives required a structured approach to identify options, evaluate their effectiveness and determine the expected cost of change.

What we did to help:

From the start, Cartesian’s approach was open and collaborative. We devised concepts for new switching models and worked with Ofcom and industry to refine them. We shared detailed process documentation with CPs so they could assess the impact to their systems and processes.

To determine the total cost to industry, Cartesian employed the TM Forum eTOM and TAM frameworks and a multi-year NPV model.

The end result:

Cartesian’s supported Ofcom for over a year on the technical, financial and operational needs of the project and provided practical, costed options to reform consumer switching. Our work led directly to the simplified “one touch” process launched by Ofcom in June 2015.

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