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Category: Strategy Consulting

Optimizing Supplier Costs for an International Telco

An international telco wanted to optimize the spend on their Tier 2 EMEA circuit suppliers. Our client engaged Cartesian to analyze the existing inventory to identify smaller vendors, target these

Interconnect Cost Reduction across a Telco’s Multinational Operations

An international operator had significant spend across a large multinational footprint. Fragmented management meant the operator had insufficient understanding of their cost drivers and what could be done to reduce

Wireline Business Profitability Assessment for a National Telco

A US Telco asked Cartesian to assess the profitability of their wireline business by cleaning and aligning their data.

Technical Due Diligence on an FTTH Network

Cartesian provided technical advice to support the acquisition of a regional fiber network. Our report provided confidence to the investors that the network could be successfully integrated and subsequently expanded.

Vendor Due Diligence on a Metro Fiber Network

Cartesian provided technical advice to support the sale of a successful metro fiber network. Our client wanted to present a clear story on the technical quality and capacity of the

Digital Satellite Strategy for a Broadcaster

A broadcaster wanting to diversify its current portfolio of services was interested in evaluating the attractiveness of launching satellite services.

Commercial and Technical Due Diligence on a Content Security Vendor

A private equity firm was considering the acquisition of a content security vendor and required expert advice on the target’s position in the market and growth trajectory.

Technical and Commercial Due Diligence on a Fiber Network Operator

An international Private Equity firm planned to acquire a Network Operator. The Partner had already appointed a well-known, generalist strategy firm to conduct commercial due diligence, but recognized that a

MVNO Strategy for a Retail Network

The Commercial Director of a filling station network wanted to differentiate the firm in the commoditized retail fuel market. Mobile services were seen as a potential route to enhance customer

Business Market Entry Strategy for a Mobile Operator

A mobile operator was seeking adjacent revenue opportunities to offset the decline in its core business and needed Cartesian's support to develop the market entry strategy and detailed go-to-market and