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Digital Satellite Strategy for a Broadcaster

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

A broadcaster wanting to diversify its current portfolio of services was interested in evaluating the attractiveness of launching satellite services. The broadcaster required support for developing strategic guidelines and identifying synergies between satellite and other existing platforms to aid its decision making.

How we approached the issue:

Working for the Head of Technology, Cartesian led the market assessment with an evaluation of the TV market, including a SWOT analysis of the client’s position in the local Pay-TV market. Cartesian then defined guidelines for regulatory strategy which supported the definition of technology and strategic options for the broadcaster.

What we did to help:

Cartesian produced a business plan for the launch of satellite; this involved quantifying the investment and the potential return, including savings from synergies with other platforms. An implementation plan was developed on the back of this business plan, becoming the foundation of a business case that could be built on to aid the client’s decision making and strategy re-evaluation.

The end result:

The Head of Technology used the business case to re-evaluate and adjust the company’s strategy and investment plan to launch a new satellite service.

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