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Optimizing Supplier Costs for an International Telco

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

An international telco wanted to optimize the spend on their Tier 2 EMEA circuit suppliers. Our client engaged Cartesian to analyze the existing inventory to identify smaller vendors, target these suppliers for cost reductions and obtain a clean inventory for future reference.

What we did:

  • Prioritized the list of suppliers to identify where circuit cost optimization would be most valuable to the client.
  • Liaised with suppliers over a 12-week period and received proposals for circuit cost reductions from over 90 suppliers. We benchmarked the costs, negotiated further cost reductions, and worked with client stakeholders to obtain proposal sign off.
  • Consolidated a cleaned minimum inventory of supplier circuits to assist in future client management activities.

Client gains:

Our client received 50+ proposals generating an annual savings of approximately 10% of circuit spend. We were further engaged to support other carrier supply management activities.

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