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Vendor Due Diligence on a Metro Fiber Network

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

Our client was seeking to divest a metro fiber network. A draft Information Memorandum had been produced and the client now recognized that a detailed technical assessment of the assets would benefit the sale process. Specifically, the client wanted to present a clear story on the technical quality and capacity of the network.

How we approached the issue:

Cartesian understood that the value to potential buyers was in the network’s coverage, the connected buildings (including data centers), and its capacity for expansion. To build a compelling narrative around this data would require a team composed of our in-house network experts and geospatial analysts.

What we did to help:

Cartesian’s team structured the diligence in three workstreams: one focused on the quality of the network; a second on the coverage and capacity; and the third, considering network operations. In the first workstream, we reviewed the client’s construction specifications for its ducts, chambers, and fiber. We also examined a sample of chambers for evidence that these were well-maintained, and that good installation practice had been adhered to. The second workstream focused on the client’s duct and cable routes. Here, the team worked with GIS data, inventory records, and network schematics to build a holistic view of the network topology, coverage and utilization. Using our in-house geospatial tools, the team analyzed this information and produced easy-to-understand visualizations that clearly demonstrated the current scope of the network and its future potential. In the third workstream, network operations were assessed through a combination of document review and management interviews. The scope included service delivery, service assurance, security practices, quality management, and operational KPIs.

The end result:

Cartesian synthesized its findings in a vendor due diligence report that clearly set out the technical characteristics of the network and the available capacity by network segment. Our report provided a level of detail beyond the IM, with the inherent authority of an independent expert assessment. In addition to the VDD report, our client was also able to share the output data sets from our GIS analysis with prospective buyers.

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