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Security Audit for a Digital Rights Management Vendor

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

A digital rights management vendor for premium content distribution required an independent security evaluation in order to meet Hollywood standards. The DRM vendor enlisted Cartesian as the trusted third party to conduct the security audit.

What we did:

  • We conducted our Farncombe Security Audit® which is based on industry recognized security requirements and trusted by the leading studios around the world.
  • Our security audit also included a review of the UHD security requirements as set out by MovieLabs, which ensured our client’s platform was reviewed in line with the latest industry best practices.
  • Using our rigorous audit methodology, we assessed the risks from content ingest and distribution, through to decoding in the customer equipment.
  • We delivered a report with our analysis and recommendations regarding the security of the client’s platform.

Client gains:

Our client can reference the Farncombe Security Audit® report in their discussions with studios and partners to demonstrate compliance with security obligations.

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