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Security Consulting on Illegal Streaming for a Service Operator

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

A service operator experienced significant revenue losses related to its content offering and assumed the main culprit was content piracy. The operator engaged Cartesian to find out how content piracy was affecting the client’s business operations and to recommend a targeted and cost-effective anti-piracy strategy.

What we did:

  • We studied the issues using our proprietary tools and methodologies, which included casting a wide net online and reviewing large volumes of content across online ecosystems.
  • We identified a number of piracy and non-piracy related reasons for why legal and illegal competitors were outperforming our client’s business.
  • We presented comprehensive remedies to ensure that relevant audiences would find their way back to the client’s legitimate services.
  • We created a framework that the client could be put forward to their anti-piracy vendors, including a number of options to define the return on investment (ROI).

Client gains:

Our client gained clarity on the size and scope of the piracy problem, how it affects the business and a robust strategy to remedy it. Included in the reports, our client gained additional competitive intelligence on legal and illegal online competition.

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