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Farncombe Security® Watermark Robustness Testing


Digital video watermarking has become essential in industry efforts to protect valuable content against piracy. It serves as a deterrent and mechanism by which video piracy can be detected and prosecuted.
Our Farncombe Security® Watermark Robustness Testing is used to assess the strength of this video content security technology. The goal is to assess the level to which a watermarking technology is robust to manipulations applied to the video signal. Cartesian is trusted by the video industry as being the independent third-party assessor of content security solution technologies.


Cartesian tests the strength of digital video watermarking technologies through our Farncombe Security® Watermark Robustness Testing. We developed this review through consultations with Hollywood studios, watermark solution vendors, MovieLabs, and the Motion Picture Association of America.

We assess the robustness of video watermarking technologies by replicating the tampering techniques used to illegally reproduce and distribute video content (i.e. piracy). These tests include compression, downscaling, cropping, aspect ratio alteration, and collusion. Such manipulations may have the goal of attempting to remove or destroy the watermark.

Our security team simulates a series of attacks at varying levels to ascertain at what point the watermark is no longer recoverable. The higher the intensity of an attack and the number of different types of attacks the solution can withstand give a measure of how robust the solution is.

Our reports provide detailed findings of whether a solution can identify the correct watermark, pass or fail specific attacks and if manual intervention is needed.

In addition to testing the robustness of a watermarking solution, Cartesian also reviews the security of its end-to-end implementation. The Farncombe Security® Watermark Implementation Review is crucial because even with a robust watermarking technology, an insecure implementation can render it completely ineffective.

The Farncombe Security® Shield Mark Program

Upon completion of Farncombe Security® Watermark Robustness Testing, businesses may choose to display the Farncombe Security® Shield Mark on their website and publicity materials. Displaying the Shield Mark indicates that a report is available from the auditee upon request.

Why Cartesian?

Unbiased and independent testing and analysis, recognized and trusted by the Hollywood studios.
Unique Farncombe Security® brand, associated with the security of digital content for more than 30 years.
In-house tools and techniques to carry out tests.
Developed through consultations with Hollywood studios, watermark solution vendors, MovieLabs, and the MPAA.
Renowned Farncombe Security® Shield Mark.

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