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Compliance Testing


Given the high stakes involved in content licensing deals worth millions of dollars, it’s no surprise that content owners and licensees want to guarantee contractual compliance.
Cartesian, as an independent third party, performs compliance testing for content owners and service providers to ensure contracts are being upheld and content is sufficiently protected against theft and piracy. Often, undetected host and service misconfigurations can lead to critical content leaks. Every service must ensure their technology and operations are world-class to maintain trust and avoid becoming the weakest link.

Our Approach

We conduct checks to determine how content is accessible to consumers and if adequate restrictions are in place. Our testing ensures providers are compliant and are proactive in safeguarding against any potential weakness to avoid becoming the weakest link in the content chain.

The primary objective of these checks is to verify licensees are contractually compliant, whilst also protecting revenue and enhancing security for the service and its content. Often undetected host and service misconfigurations lead to detrimental content leaks, however if adequate protections are in place and working correctly this will protect against theft and piracy of the content.

Together with our clients, we agree on a testing scope that can include:

  • DRMs used and their implementations
  • Output Protection – HDCP, screen mirroring/casting
  • Encryption and DRM/CAS usage
  • Concurrency limitations
  • Session Hijacking
  • Geographic Restrictions VPN/Proxy detection
  • Device compliance
  • Device registration
  • Device support
  • Download usage rules
  • Registration Process

Why Cartesian?

Unbiased and independent testing and analysis.
Fit-to-purpose method and scope, adapted to each specific testing case.
In-house tools and techniques to carry out tests.
Content security and video and broadcasting expertise.

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