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Is Content Piracy Inevitable?

Our report “Video Streaming Services: Is Content Leakage an Inevitable Fate?” discusses the widespread misconceptions about the effort required to prevent content piracy and the many solutions that have significant

Broadband Workforce Development Guidebook

The Guidebook is intended to serve as a resource for state broadband offices (SBOs), state and local workforce/economic development boards, and equivalent agencies as they formulate their workforce development strategy

Broadband Infrastructure Playbook – July 2022 Update

The Playbook is a comprehensive guide designed to assist state broadband offices to best leverage federal funds available through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). The July 2022 Update

US Broadband: Household Bandwidth Demand Study

A look at the changing landscape of household internet usage in the United States.

Addressing Gaps in Broadband Infrastructure Availability and Service Adoption

The digital divide is both an availability problem and an adoption problem. Approximately 12M households do not have access to 25/3 Mbps broadband service, and about 30M do not subscribe

How Consumers Access Streaming Video: The Risks of Credential Sharing

A survey report on how viewers access OTT video and attitudes towards credential sharing, and what CSPs can do to curb password sharing abuse and fraud.

The Future of Networks: Dealing with Transformation in a Virtualized World

A survey report with insights into the state of NFV/SDN deployment and the challenges of network virtualization in the telecoms industry. Produced in collaboration with the Broadband Forum, this report

The Future of Broadcast Cardless Security – Revisited

A survey report about how changes in piracy and technology are affecting the implementation of conditional access systems (CAS) in the one-way broadcast network.

The Future of Mobile Video

Cartesian's mobile video report, in collaboration with Mobile World Live, provides an in-depth analysis into current and future trends of smartphone video consumption – currently the biggest traffic driver on

25 Years – A Retrospective on Innovation in the TMT Sector

Review a quarter century of innovation in the telecoms, media, and technology sector through the eyes of industry experts. Get all the articles in one eBook.

Controlling Content Access in a Borderless (Internet) World

This article delves into the challenges that content owners and distributors are facing to meet their licensing and distribution agreements and what can be done about it. Discusses geo-detection, geo-circumvention,