Broadband Workforce Development Guidebook

Commissioned by the Fiber Broadband Association (FBA), the Guidebook is organized in to five sections. The first section provides vital context on telecom labor challenges for readers that may be unfamiliar with the detail. This is followed by an overview of FBA OpTIC Path™ – a program curated by industry experts to address these specific challenges. The remaining sections support states to devise a workforce development strategy alongside practical guidance on how to select, deploy and scale an effective fiber training program.

Section 4 and Section 5 align with the activities that states will need to undertake over the next two years to design and execute a successful workforce development strategy and fiber training program as shown in the timeline on the next page. These sections provide practical advice and helpful case studies and illustrate a clear pathway to fiber broadband skills development.

Cartesian has many years of experience in state-funded broadband programs, both in the USA and overseas. Areas of support include program design, economic analysis, broadband mapping, business case development, and grant application support.