The Future of Broadcast Cardless Security – Revisited

In 2012, Cartesian, in collaboration with Verimatrix, reported on the future of cardless broadcast security, which included an industry-wide survey and insights from experts in the field. We looked at how changes in piracy and technology were affecting the implementation of conditional access (CA) systems in the one-way broadcast network and, more specifically, how the relevance of cardless security to one-way service operators was changing.

This paper revisits our earlier report with updated analysis and findings from a new industry survey conducted in the summer of 2017. Our update includes the views of the one hundred and fifteen professionals from countries across the globe, representing key stakeholders in the TV industry, who participated in the survey.

How have changes in the last five years in piracy and technology affected the implementation of conditional access (CA) systems in the one-way broadcast network, and how is this landscape expected to develop in the future?

Find out what the future holds for cardless broadcast security:

  • 74% of respondents believe they will not be using smartcards in 5 years
  • 58% of operators state their #1 piracy concern is content re-distribution over the internet while 86% have said they are doing something about it
  • 50% of respondents are using forensic watermarking technology today and 79% expect to deploy it within the next 5 years
  • 30% of respondents do not have an anti-piracy operations team

To read the survey report from 2012, download it here.