Cartesian opened the doors of its new Wi-Fi test house, Brook Farm, in the UK this week as the latest addition to our unique and independent Wi-Fi testing services. Located in Buckinghamshire, Brook Farm offers service providers and technology vendors increased flexibility to test the functionality and performance of new Wi-Fi products in different configurations and real-world scenarios.

Internet usage requirements, dependency, and consumption has changed for us all as a result of Covid and, even as lockdowns ease, these increased demands are expected to continue and accelerate. As a result, domestic use cases are becoming more complicated as consumers juggle home school and working with ever increasing entertainment requirements. On top of this, there has been a significant increase in requirements to extend Wi-Fi coverage across properties to non-conventional areas, i.e. lofts / garden-offices / out-buildings etc.

Given the direct impact Wi-Fi experience has on customer satisfaction and churn, efficient, secure, and reliable home Wi-Fi products are now more essential than ever and remain a vital component of a service provider’s product portfolio.

Wi-Fi technology has continued to evolve rapidly in recent years. Multi-node Wi-Fi solutions and 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) technology are enabling these increased demands but getting this right is a tricky business, with significant risks.

Brook Farm, with its configuration of a substantial core property plus additional outbuildings, enables us to support these evolving requirements, with the addition of extended testing scenarios, including: controlled neighbouring interference, enhanced congestion and network extension simulation, pushing the functionality and operation of the latest Wi-Fi products to their limits.

Our wider Wi-Fi Services include test houses for conducting real-world empirical functional and performance tests, user experience validation, comparative performance testing, indoor and outdoor Hotspot performance, RF testing (Antenna Characterisation, EIRP, EMC, DFS etc.), consulting services and training.  Our world-class team has an extensive and proven track record of driving quality and shortening the time to market for a range of cutting-edge service providers, technology vendors, and solutions, including Single and Multi-Ap, STB, Mesh, and supporting peripherals.<>

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