Cartesian’s testing demonstrates the effectiveness of the GeoGuard solution at detecting the use of VPNs and DNS proxies

Via GeoGuard – 21 Jun 2017 – Today, GeoGuard announced that the effectiveness of its enhanced geo-filtering solution GeoShield has been rigorously tested by Cartesian, the recognized leader for premium movie and sports content security solution auditing and anti-piracy consulting. The testing process demonstrated the reliability and accuracy of GeoGuard’s identification of the use of VPNs, DNS proxies and browser plug-ins to obfuscate a user’s geographical location. GeoGuard protects digital content rights holders against the threat of users gaining illicit access to media by ‘spoofing’ their location….

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  • Multichannel News : Cartesian’s Testing Demonstrates the Effectiveness of the GeoGuard Solution at Detecting the use of VPNs and DNS Proxies

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