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Tag: Network Economics

Optimizing Supplier Costs for an International Telco

An international telco wanted to optimize the spend on their Tier 2 EMEA circuit suppliers. Our client engaged Cartesian to analyze the existing inventory to identify smaller vendors, target these

Interconnect Cost Reduction across a Telco’s Multinational Operations

An international operator had significant spend across a large multinational footprint. Fragmented management meant the operator had insufficient understanding of their cost drivers and what could be done to reduce

Wireline Business Profitability Assessment for a National Telco

A US Telco asked Cartesian to assess the profitability of their wireline business by cleaning and aligning their data.

Reducing Delivery Costs for Voice and Data Services

A North American carrier achieved $4.83M annual labor savings and a fully automated wireline service delivery to enterprise business customers after Cartesian’s assessment and recommended actions.

Technical and Commercial Due Diligence on a Fiber Network Operator

An international Private Equity firm planned to acquire a Network Operator. The Partner had already appointed a well-known, generalist strategy firm to conduct commercial due diligence, but recognized that a

Achieving Cost Savings through Network Migration and Decommissioning

In the wake of a large merger, a network operator was faced with a mishmash of spectrum, technologies and infrastructure on a national scale. Cartesian provided network and operations expertise