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Tag: Network Economics

Optimizing Supplier Costs for an International Telco

An international telco wanted to optimize the spend on their Tier 2 EMEA circuit suppliers. Our client engaged Cartesian to analyze the existing inventory to identify smaller vendors, target these suppliers for cost reductions and obtain a clean inventory for future reference.

Interconnect Cost Reduction across a Telco’s Multinational Operations

An international operator had significant spend across a large multinational footprint. Fragmented management meant the operator had insufficient understanding of their cost drivers and what could be done to reduce it. The operator engaged Cartesian to identify and prioritize interconnect cost reduction opportunities.

Wireline Business Profitability Assessment for a National Telco

A US Telco asked Cartesian to assess the profitability of their wireline business by cleaning and aligning their data.

Reducing Delivery Costs for Voice and Data Services

A North American carrier achieved $4.83M annual labor savings and a fully automated wireline service delivery to enterprise business customers after Cartesian’s assessment and recommended actions.

Technical and Commercial Due Diligence on a Fiber Network Operator

An international Private Equity firm planned to acquire a Network Operator. The Partner had already appointed a well-known, generalist strategy firm to conduct commercial due diligence, but recognized that a specialist in the sector would bring additional, deeper insight.

Achieving Cost Savings through Network Migration and Decommissioning

In the wake of a large merger, a network operator was faced with a mishmash of spectrum, technologies and infrastructure on a national scale. Cartesian provided network and operations expertise along with our analytics technology to rapidly build a plan for transformation.