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Join us at the largest event in the world to focus on networks. Michael Dargue will speak on network virtualization at the executive pre-conference workshop.
What’s the story with open edge initiatives? Find out in Michael Dargue’s panel discussion at the Edge Computing Congress.
Join us at the wholesale carrier and operator event of the year! Massimo Fatato and Michael Dargue will host panel discussions on network automation and data driven technologies.
Massimo Fatato, Michael Dargue and Jaume Fornos join the stakeholders leading Britain's digital future at Connected Britain to facilitate discussions on our "Connected Society" and "Digital Britain".
Michael Dargue discusses the effects of changing regulations on MVNOs at MVNOs World Congress 2018.
Jaume Fornos discusses business models & technologies for ubiquitous rural access at Gigabit Access 2018.
Nikos Andrikogiannopoulos delves into our Future of Networks report and will discuss the importance of NFV to service providers at BBF’s BASE 2018 Athens.
Meet with industry leaders at the Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit to discuss new ways to protect your creative content from illegal distribution.