Edge Computing Congress

18-20 September, Berlin

At the 3rd annual Edge Computing Congress, meet with pioneers behind Edge innovations and be part of leading technical and strategic discussions pushing the technology forward. Michael Dargue will lead a panel discussion on different edge initiatives.

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PANEL: Discussing the different edge initiatives

Day 3: 20th September, 11:10-11:40

  • What are all the edge initiatives existing today?
  • How to they work together?
  • What’s the story with open edge initiatives?
  • How can all these initiatives come together to support the adoption of edge computing?

Panel moderator:

Michael Dargue, Principal, Cartesian

Confirmed panellists:

Rolf Schuster, Director, Open Edge Computing Initiative

Sunay Tripathy, Chief Technology Office, MobiledgeX

Dr. Arsalan Mosenia, Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Princeton University

Dr.-Ing. Johannes Springer, Program Lead 5G Automotive Program Group Technology & Innovation and Digital Division / Connected Mobility, Deutsche Telekom / T-Systems International