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Staff Stories

Moving from Industry to Consulting – One Year On

Are you thinking of a career in consulting? Ben shares his experience on what to expect after making the change after a year as a Management Consultant.

Managed Solutions Consultant – James

Career Journey I have worked for Cartesian just over 4 years, previously having worked in IT since 2002 – first as a Data Analyst at Computer Cab and then as

Management Consultant – Peter

Career Journey I joined Cartesian 6 years ago after completing my MSc in Physics. I was attracted to consultancy due to the variety of work. I am now a senior

Strategy Senior Business Analyst – David

Career Journey I have been working at Cartesian for a little over a year now. Cartesian is my first full-time job after I received my BS in Economics, and right

Strategy Business Analyst – James

Career Journey I joined Cartesian in January 2015 after graduating with a BA in History in July 2014. In the interim I interned at a think tank, and was a

Strategy Business Analyst – Ben

A Day in the Life 9:00 AM: My day typically begins with reading and replying to any overnight emails. If nothing urgent has rolled in, I settle into the day by

Strategy Business Analyst – Jacob

A Day in the Life 8:30 AM: As I walk to the office in the morning, I usually check my meeting schedule for the day and read any emails that

Strategy Senior Business Analyst – SooIn

A Day in the Life 8:45 AM: I start my day off by reading emails, catching up on the news and any interesting tech updates, planning out my day, and