Career Journey

I joined Cartesian in January 2015 after graduating with a BA in History in July 2014. In the interim I interned at a think tank, and was a cover teacher at a secondary school. Coming from a non-technical or business background, I found the training resources at Cartesian invaluable in the beginning and throughout my time here. I joined Cartesian with an interest in the telecommunications sector, and a desire to develop my skills in analysis, communication and problem solving.

While at Cartesian I have learned so much, including how to use analytics and visualization tools such as Alteryx and Tableau, as well as more advanced use of more common tools like Microsoft Excel. My knowledge of the telco world has deepened immensely, as has my understanding of the world of business. Projects are varied and our clients diverse. Very few days are the same and there are always opportunities to learn something new. My project tasks have spanned analytics, desk and primary research, market analysis and more.

Cartesian operates in a fast moving and dynamic sector, and sometimes you can be under a lot of pressure to produce a significant amount of work in a short timeframe. This is all made much more pleasant by the strong company culture –a friendly, inviting and open office environment where nobody is afraid to ask for help– and a great group of colleagues who are a pleasure to spend time with. Cartesian’s team has a strong work ethic, but also a commitment to make work in the office enjoyable.

I have enjoyed my first seven months at Cartesian, and I look forward to learning and developing more in the future.