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Cartesian at IBC2018

At IBC2018, we present our suite of services that support content and service providers to handle continuous improvement and change in the wake of digital disruption and transformation in media and entertainment.

Meet us there and let’s talk about your most pressing business challenges.

Meet us at IBC2018

13-18 September 2018/ RAI Amsterdam

At IBC2018, we delve into issues and challenges which are transforming the digital media and entertainment sector.

Our team, including Geoff Aitken, James Clark, Graham Harvey, Gary Marshall, Chris Quintin, and Lionel Tranchard, will be at IBC2018 to discuss new business strategies, practical implementations and management of new technology and change, testing requirements, and much more.

Is Credential Sharing a Problem?

Industry reports suggest that up to 20% of online streaming viewers use shared credentials. For years, many service providers had relaxed policies on password sharing. This attitude is changing.

With millions of credential sharing viewers worldwide, the total lost revenue opportunity for content distributors is well in excess of $1B per year, as a direct result of this activity. Service providers of video streaming content should understand whether credential sharing is an issue for them and developing policies and strategies to mitigate this activity.

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At IBC, our team will discuss what service providers can do to detect the extent of credential sharing activity of their services, and measures to prevent and mitigate credential sharing.

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Farncombe Security Audit™ Mark Trophies

Also at IBC2018, James Clark will give out trophies to companies who completed a Farncombe Security Audit over the last 12 months and have signed on to the Farncombe Security Audit Mark programme. This year’s recipients:

  • ABV International’s ABV Advanced Security CAS V5.4
  • Alticast’s Altiprotect-CAS
  • Alticast’s Altiprotect-DRM
  • ByDesign’s iCAS™ for DVB
  • Inside Secure’s Provisioning Platform
  • Inside Secure’s Secureshield Technology
  • Irdeto’s Cloaked CA Cardless
  • SumaVision Technologies’ Streamguard DCAS
  • SumaVision Technologies’ Streamguard DRM

Cartesian’s TV & Video Services

With over 25 years of specialist industry experience, we at Cartesian can help solve your most complex challenges. Find out more about what we offer in Video Services Delivery and Security:

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Recent news articles:

  • In Digital TV Europe’s August 2018 issue, “WiFi & Multiscreen: Home truths”, Graham Harvey, Head of WiFi Services, said that “Maximising whole-home connectivity in the future will depend on changing the relationship between the service provider and customer.”
  • In the July 2018 IBC article, “European broadcasters unite to fight FAANG”, Brian Paxton, Head of Security and Video Consulting, said “Broadcasters should aim to complement the FAANG services with their own local or unique content, rather than challenge directly.”

Discuss these topics and your most pressing issues with our team at IBC. Book a meeting with our team today!

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