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Business Assurance

Product Taxonomy and Product Catalog

New levels of complexity are being introduced into product catalogs to manage a greater variety of products and the combination propositions that must be quickly and efficiently brought to market.

Unlocking the Power of Six Sigma in Complaint Management

In the world of telecommunications, customer satisfaction is paramount. A displeased customer can quickly become a former customer.

Transforming Your Organization’s Service Design with Cartesian

In an increasingly digital landscape, the complexity of the interactions between people, systems, and information continues to grow, making it of the utmost importance to ensure those interactions are designed

Service Design – Establishing the Process Neural Network (Pt 2)

In Part 1 of this Insight, we discussed the what and why of Service Design, from its importance to the consequences of not having a strong system in place. Here

Service Design – Establishing the Process Neural Network

Ever wonder about the connection between Service Design and neural networks? Here in Part 1 of this Insight we cover the basics of Service Design and how it helps business

What to Know about Digital Governance Automation

In our Product Insights series, we look at some of the challenges and solutions for enabling digital transformation. In this article, we discuss how you can Digitize the Governance Process.