Video content remains a constant target for pirates seeking to make profit through its illegal re-distribution. To protect content from these threats, a holistic security approach is required. A solid IT infrastructure, rigorous operational procedures, and secure DRM solutions are undoubtedly essential. But they must also be supported by well-designed workflows, observing a multitude of crucial security principles.

Indeed, the security of a video service not only hinges on the security of the IT infrastructure and of the content protection solutions in use, but also on authentication workflows, license delivery workflows, enforcement of usage rules, session tracking, regular handshakes between clients and backends, segregation of keys, lifecycles of licenses and tokens, client application security, etc.  These aspects must be analyzed in detail, by encompassing all components, from servers to clients, as well as the sequence and structure of all the messages they exchange.

SK Broadband’s B TV VOD Streaming Service offers premium content with up to 4K UHD resolution in South Korea. To ensure that it satisfies all necessary security requirements for 4K UHD content, SK Broadband requested Cartesian to review and assess the security of their streaming service. Going through this audit has enabled SK Broadband to provide their subscribers with even more high quality UHD content from major studios.

Cartesian’s Farncombe Security™ Audits review the security of CAS, DRM, Multi-DRM services, and end-to-end streaming platforms. Trusted by the major Hollywood studios, Cartesian is one of the few companies worldwide that offer auditing services that meet their rigorous requirements, as well as the MovieLabs specification for Ultra HD content. Our audits not only evaluate the security offered by a system objectively, but also deliver concrete and actionable recommendations on how to improve it.

This holistic and versatile approach shows Cartesian’s commitment to help the content distribution industry to improve the safety of audiovisual content, at all levels.

"I do appreciate your wonderful service and support last year, which enabled us to provide our subscribers with more various UHD content from major studios."
Lucy Lee
Content Acquisition Manager at SK Broadband

About Cartesian

Cartesian is a specialist provider of consulting services and managed solutions to leading players in the global communications, technology, and digital media industries. Cartesian’s content security services include anti-piracy investigations services, watermark robustness testing, credential sharing detection and prevention, contract compliance testing, geo-blocking testing, and the Farncombe Security™ Audits. Clients include TV broadcasters, video service providers, content distributors, solution vendors, and network operators.