Video content is continuously targeted by pirates who want to make a profit by illegally distributing it themselves. To protect content from these threats, a holistic security approach is required. It is not only about using secure DRMs, having rock-solid IT, using proven cloud solutions, and operating the service with rigorous processes. This is undoubtedly required, but it also needs to be supported by well-designed software components, implementing a number of less visible, though vital, security principles.

Indeed, the security of a video service also lies in the tiniest details of authentication workflows, enforcement of usage rules, viewing session tracking, heartbeats and handshakes between clients and backends, diversification of keys, lifecycles of sessions, licenses and tokens, and thoroughness and frequency of all the checks that must be done for a viewing session to be able to start or to continue. All this needs to be analyzed in detail, by including the service back-end, as well as all the targeted client devices in the equation.

This is why Cartesian’s Farncombe Security™ Audits not only review the security of CAS, DRM, and end-to-end video platforms, but also assess the security of OTT streaming solution products, such as The PanPlay OTT Solution from Panaccess Systems GmbH, which has just completed a Farncombe Security™ Audit.

Trusted by the major Hollywood studios, Cartesian is one of a select few companies worldwide that offer auditing services meeting their rigorous requirements, as well as the MovieLabs specification for Ultra HD content. Such audits not only evaluate objectively the security offered by a system, but also deliver concrete and actionable recommendations on how to improve it.

The holistic aspect and versatility of Farncombe Security™ Audits show Cartesian’s commitment to help the content distribution industry improve the safety of content, at all levels.